Education in Mali - An Overview

Mali is a landlocked country located in West Africa with an area of about 478,767 sq mi extending 1,151 mi ENE–WSW and 782 mi NNW–SSE. The Republic of Mali is bounded on the north and northeast by Algeria, on the east and south by Niger, on the south by Burkina Faso and Cote d'Ivoire, on the southwest by Guinea, on the west by Senegal, and on the west and northwest by Mauritania.  The total boundary length of Mali is 4,661 mi. almost northern half of the Mali falls within the largest desert of the planet, the Sahara desert.

Basic education in Mali requires 9 years to complete. Education is divided into two cycles: the first is 6 years (grades 1 to 6), and the second is three years (grades 7 to 9). Secondary education takes two to four years to complete.  The education at secondary level is divided into two streams: one general leading to the Baccalaureate in 3 years, one vocational (two years) leading to Certificate of Professional Aptitude and another vocational (four years) leading to the Brevet de Technicien.

University of Mali is responsible for providing higher education. The university was created in conjugation with some existing higher education centers and faculties like Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry, Juridical and Economic Sciences and Schools of Administration. The university offers different graduate and postgraduate programs.

Teacher training for the first cycle in fundamental instructions is provided at the regional Institute Pedagogiques d’Enseignement General (IPEG). The duration of training is four years after completion of the Diploma of Fundamental Studies and includes courses in General Education, Pedagogy, Child Psychology, and Teaching Practice. Teachers of the second cycle of Fundamental Instruction are provided training in Ecoles Normales Secondaires, which also offer four-year courses for those with Diplomas of Fundamental Studies or two-year courses for those with Baccalaureate Diplomas. Higher secondary school teachers are provided training for four years after the Baccalaureate and an entrance examination in the Ecole Normale Superieure. Following is given a tentative flow chart explaining education system in Mali.

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